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Baixar Trilha Sonora Battle For Skyark (2015) - Soundtrack | Score

Nome do Álbum: Battle For Skyark
Tamanho: 184MB
Formato: .MP3
Taxa: 320KBPS
Número de Faixas: 34
Lançamento: 2015

1. The Beginning
2. Heeere's Madness
3. The Situation
4. First Night Alone (The Childrens' theme)
5. Exile My Son
6. Finding Feelings
7. Pressure Mounts
8. It'll Get Easier
9. When a Monster Comes
10. Something to Believe In
11. Hive Trek
12. You're Gonna Save Us, Right?
13. Who I Am
14. A Short, Bright Stranger
15. Introducing Skunk
16. Nothing but Ghosts
17. Back to the Hive
18. Rusty's Armor
19. We've Got a Monster to Find
20. Vengeance
21. I Don't Kill Monsters Anymore
22. They Were Twins
23. Fighting Their Own Battles
24. I'd Be Your Friend
25. Lost
26. They're Children
27. Fight for Skunk
28. Found You
29. What Have I Done
30. He's Not Rusty Anymore (The Battle)
31. Back to Skyark
32. Battle for Skyark End Titles
33. A Desert Visitor (Bonus Track)
34. Rags to Riches (Bonus Track)


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  1. Seria possível a repostagem desta trilha? Valeu!!! òtimo site


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