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Baixar Trilha Sonora SMASH - Unreleased (2013) - Soundtrack

Nome do Álbum: SMASH - Unreleased
Tamanho: 130MB
Formato: .MP3
Taxa: 320KBPS
Número de Faixas: 42
Lançamento: 2013

1. Over The Rainbow
2. I Wanna Be Loved By You
3. Happy Birthday, Mr. President
4. Rumor Has It
5. She's Gonna Kill Me Twice/I Wasn't Even Smoking
6. Hava Nagila
7. The Workshop
8. Three Little Birds
9. One More Kiss Upon The Brooklyn Bridge
10. The Higher You Get, The Farther The Fall
11. Three On A Match
12. Second Hand White Baby Grand (Tom & Julia's Version)
13. Another Openin', Another Show
14. Happy Birthday, Mr. President (feat. Uma Thurman)
15. Previews (feat. Uma Thurman)
16. Don't Say Yes Until I Finish Talking (Marc's Version)
17. Second Hand White Baby Grand (feat. Uma Thurman)
18. Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Karen's Version)
19. I Never Met A Wolf Who Didn't Love To Howl (Karen's Version)
20. Bombshell
21. Let Me Be Your Star (Live)
22. Touch Me (Jody Den Broeder Remix)
23. Let Me Be Your Star (Karen's Version)
24. They Just Keep Moving The Line
25. Soon As I Get Home
26. I'm Not Lost
27. Chest Of Broken Hearts
28. I Got Love (Derek's Version) (feat. Jennifer Hudson)
29. Caught In The Storm (Jimmy's Version)
30. The National Pastime (Karen's Version)
31. Heart Shaped Wreckage (Ana's Version)
32. Let Me Be Your Star (Ivy's Version)
33. Broadway, Here I Come! (Karen's Version)
34. Our Little Secret (Ivy's Version)
35. Rewrite This Story (Sam's Version)
36. The 20th Century Fox Mambo (Ivy's Version)
37. Broadway, Here I Come! (Ana's Version)
38. G.I. Joe
39. If You Want Me
40. Adieu Mon Coeur
41. Take A Picture, It Lasts Longer (Demo)
42. Don't Forget Me (Duet Version)


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